Amanda Sakuma
Editor/writer. Words in GEN, The Atlantic, Glamour, The Intercept, MSNBC, NBC News, NYT, Vice, Vox, and more.
Presenting the Garbage Sons: Donald Trump Jr., Hunter Biden, and Kendall Roy. Photos: Getty Images, HBO

Hunter Biden is the true poster boy for a generation of Garbage Sons.

The 49-year-old is currently on a mea culpa tour of sorts to publicly atone for a lifetime of profiting from a personal and professional identity centered around being “the son of Joe Biden.” And while he may…

How I Got Through This

Photo illustration; source: Minecraft/Mojang Studios

Few things have brought me more comfort and joy during the pandemic than a video game beloved by millions of adolescent children. I’m a grown-ass adult who does Very Adult Things, like paying taxes and drinking whiskey straight, and yet Minecraft consumes a not so insignificant portion of my brain…

Amanda Sakuma

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